1. Startup

Researcher and communication:

Discuss plan on content and form (blog/online story/new item/result etc) and timing.

2. Output

Researcher or communication:

Write article.

3. Control and check

Researcher and communication:

Final check on content.

MT member:

Check content in case of  sensitive information (political or company mentioned)

When the website article is a publication form of a research, please follow the procedure of a SOMO report.

4. Design


Put article online.

5. Decision to publish

Communication(, MT member if applicable) and researcher:

Approve final version.

6. External dissemination

Communication and researcher:

Give follow up on the communications and dissemination plan.

7. Monitor and evaluate


Check statistics and media attention. Evaluate shortly and adjust plans where necessary.

8. Outcome


If the article contributes to a concrete result: publish and disseminate the result.