1. Startup

Offer to client:

  • Discuss the details of the project with your client (scope/planning, etc).
  • Agree how SOMO be mentioned in the publication.
  • Is communication work from SOMO needed?

Coordinator Services:

  • Makes the quotation for the client.
  • Discusses quotation with communication, including dates and hours.
  • Registers hours in Pluriform.
  • Discusses content with researchers and registers hours in Pluriform.


Plan the tasks and number of days required for communication, external editor(s) and design (internally of externally).

2. Output

Coordinator Services:

When client accepts the quotation, inform communication and researchers.


  • Start research and writing. Check Research Manual for tips and tricks.
  • Informs client about progress.
  • When information/results will be shared.

3. Control and check

Start using the Publication Checklist

Follow these steps:

  1. Second reader checks content, including for risks.
    Adjustment necessary -> Researcher(s) process feedback. Go to the next step.
  2. Management Team member checks content and risks.
    Adjustment necessary? Process feedback. Ready? Go to the next step.
  3. Researcher sends publication for a company review if applicable and processes feedback from companies.
  4. Researcher check if partner sends report to editor for language check and that the edits are processed.


4. Design

Internal design:

In most cases the client produce their own publication. The product that needs to go to the client doesn’t need the work of an external designer. The communications team checks the design of the final version before it is send to the client.


5. Decision to publish


Checks if all participants have made the necessary checks and put their signature on the Publication Checklist.

Coordinator Services or one of the author:

Sends the final document to client.

6. External dissemination


Publish it’s own report based on the SOMO research and puts disclaimer in colofon: “This report was written by …..with the assistance of the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO)”


If client agrees, put publication on SOMO website, social media channels and in SOMO newsletter.


7. Monitor and evaluate


Check statistics and media attention.

8. Outcome


If the report/paper contributes to a concrete result: publish and disseminate the result