1. Startup


  • Discuss with Management Team member (Esther or Ronald)
  • Discuss with partner(s) as early as possible:
    • Preconditions  and meeting structure.
    • Planning and deadlines for discussing output internally.
    • Who is authorised to make decisions?
    • Agree on who writes the press release and who decides on the final text.
    • Which authors/organisations are mentioned in the publication? Who inputs; supplies and decides on final text and layout (incl. logos)?
  • Inform communication about the new publication and the support needed.

2. Output


  • Write report/paper. Check Research Manual for tips and tricks.
  • Agree on text with FGG Partner(s).
  • Find second reader and MT member for control phase.
  • Give regular updates to SOMO’s Management Team.
  • Give regular updates to communication.

3. Control and check

Start using the Publication Checklist
Follow these steps:

  1. Second reader checks content, including for risks.
    Adjustment necessary -> Researcher(s) process feedback. Go to the next step.
  2. Management Team member checks content and risks.
    Adjustment necessary? Process feedback. Ready? Go to the next step.
  3. Researcher sends publication for a company review if applicable and processes feedback from companies.
  4. Researcher check if partner sends report to editor for language check and that the edits are processed.


4. Design


Check design.


Check final, designed version of report/paper.

5. Decision to publish


Check if all participants did the necessary checks and signed the Publication Checklist.

Management Team member:

Decide whether to publish.

6. External dissemination

Communication and researcher:

Give follow up on the communication and dissemination plan.

7. Monitor and evaluate


Check statistics and media attention. Evaluate shortly and adjust plans where necessary.

8. Outcomes

Communication and researcher:

If the report/paper contributes to a concrete result: publish and disseminate the result.