1. Initiative

Member FGG, Communications, MT member and researcher:

Decide at the current subject about signing: yes/no?

2. Creation


Letter can be published but not as an FGG lobbying letter. Follow steps in Workflow Lobby SOMO


Go to next phase. Member of FGG Communications informs
lobby coordinator.

3. Control and check


  • Hand over printed lobby letter + signature MT to coordinator communication (SOMO).
  • Add 1 or 2 sentences (via e-mail) with goal of this letter. This will accompany the letter at SOMO website.


Discuss with researcher if social media or other external exposure is needed.

4. Design and publication

Communications (SOMO):

  • Put the letter online (and possibly on other external communication channels).
  • File a print version of final letter.
  • File it on S-schijf: S:A. Organisatie\Communicatie\Publicaties\Lobbybrieven.