1. Initiative


Discuss the lobby letter or petition with your team (engage  communications officer),  other relevant teams and the lobby coordinator:

  • Is the content in line with SOMO’s mission, vision and strategy?
  • How does the content relate to SOMO’s past or current research or other projects?
  • How will it increase the possibilities of SOMO achieving its goals?
  • Will conflicts of interest be prevented?

Communication coordinator:

Read the text to decide for whether an edit is required or not.

2. Creation

Team, communication- and lobby coordinator:

Did everybody agree? Yes, inform Management Team (MT) member + collect his/her signature + date signature on printed lobby letter.

3. Control and check

Researcher / initiator:

  • Hand over printed lobby letter, signature MT member, date of signature and name of Program Team to Communications coordinator.
  • Add 1 or 2 sentences (via e-mail) with goal of this letter and add names of organisations who will also sign this letter. This sentence(s) will accompany the letter on the SOMO website.


Discuss with researcher if social media or other external exposure is needed

4. Design and publication


  • Puts the letter online (and possibly on other external communication channels).
  • File a print version of final letter.
  • File it on S-schijf: S:A. Organisatie\Communicatie\Publicaties\Lobbybrieven].