1. Startup


Discuss plan with partner(s), program team member and communication officer.

Communication officer:

Check interest of media outlet.

2. Output


Write article after these points of interest:

  • Company mentioned? -> yes: MT check (if the article is not based on a SOMO report).
  • Check if content is conflicting with vision/activities of other programs or networks of SOMO.
  • Always let one communication officer read the article.
  • Read ‘blog tips’ manual.

3. Control and check


Check article with partner(s), relevant team members and communication officer (and MT if company is mentioned).


4. Design


Check language, translation needed?

5. Decision to publish

Communication, partner(s) and writer office:

Decide together if the article can be published.

6. External dissemination


Send final version to media outlet and place it (if applicable) on own mediachannels.

7. Monitor and evaluate

Communication officer:

Check statistics and media attention.