1. Startup


Discuss plan with Program Team member and communication officer.

Communication officer:

Check interest of media outlet.

2. Output


Write article after these points of interest:

  • Company mentioned? -> yes: MT check (if the article is not based on a SOMO report).
  • Check if content is conflicting with vision/activities of other programs or networks of SOMO.
  • Always let one communication officer read the article.
  • Read ‘blog tips’ manual.

3. Control and check


Check article with relevant team members and communication officer.

4. Design

Communication officer:

Check language, translation needed?

5. Decision to publish

Communication and researcher:

Decide together if the article can be published.

6. External dissemination

Communication officer:

Sends final version to media outlet and places it (if applicable) on own mediachannels.

7. Monitor and evaluate

Communication officer:

Check statistics and media attention.